In many rural areas across the U.S., access to reliable mobile data connectivity is either limited or nonexistent. This lack of connectivity deeply impacts residents, preventing them from connecting with loved ones, conducting business, and accessing important information like weather updates and emergency services.

Broadband access to 4G rural internet continues to be a challenge in the U.S. The fact is that 19 million Americans living in rural areas still don’t have access to broadband internet, and even mobile internet isn’t very reliable.

Unreliable or Zero Coverage

There are a number of reasons for this lack of rural 4G internet connectivity. One major problem is the lack of infrastructure investment from major wireless carriers. Because these companies see little financial incentive to invest in building out coverage in sparsely populated areas, they often leave rural communities at a disadvantage.

Another issue is that even when there is some coverage available from carriers, it can be unreliable or unaffordable for many people living in these areas. This leaves residents feeling cut off from the rest of the world and unable to take advantage of the many benefits mobile technology has to offer.

Fortunately, with a little resourcefulness, you can work around these restrictions and even apply for financial assistance from government programs pertaining to access to reliable internet.

Going Mobile to Connect Online in Rural Areas

One way that people living in rural areas can improve their mobile data connectivity is by using devices like tablets with built-in cellular capability. A tablet with cellular connectivity can connect directly to cellular networks without needing an external signal booster or other type of hardware, making them much more reliable than traditional cell phones in places where signal quality is poor.

Furthermore, many tablets now offer affordable plans with no long-term contract required, which makes them more accessible for people with limited budgets.

Another way to go online in rural areas is by registering with government programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP assists people with low income to afford broadband services at discounted prices through approved providers like Rural4G. These programs help lower the financial barrier to entry, and the good news is that some of them are permanent. One such example is the FCC’s Lifeline program, which can also be used at the same time as ACP!

Finally, it’s important to find providers who can offer reliable internet in rural areas at affordable prices.

Rural4G is working to bridge the digital divide in rural areas. Our 4G LTE services provide high-speed internet access, supporting activities like streaming and gaming. By expanding 4G LTE availability, we’re committed to bringing connectivity to the millions of Americans who lack reliable online access.



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