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Internet for Rural Areas

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*Rural4G ACP Plans cover all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Discounts

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you connected, Rural4G is proud to participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – a new federal government program committed to bringing connectivity to low-income Americans.

Including $10.10 one time cost for Android Tablet
and 1 year of FREE Internet!


How it works

4G LTE Signal

Nearby 4G LTE Tower(s) broadcast the wireless signal…

4G LTE Gateway

…the 4G LTE Gateway picks up the wireless signal…

Internet Connection

…and provides internet connectivity for all of your internet devices…

Multiple Devices

…you can also connect your internet devices via Ethernet (x4) or Wi-Fi.


Why Choose Rural4G

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Up To 1TB

Get up to 1 Terabyte of priority data per month of high-speed internet use

4G LTE Speeds

Fast 4G LTE speeds for browsing, streaming, and downloading

Minimal Latency

Minimal latency response times for quick connectivity and less waiting

Expansive Wi-Fi

Full Wi-Fi coverage and flexible connectivity throughout the entire house

Wi-Fi Plans

We are proud to offer truly the most data Wi-Fi​ plans for home, business, or on the go. You can have reliable high-speed internet with you wherever you are!


​Lightning Fast 4G Speeds

Experience the fastest unlimited data mobile Wi-Fi plans. Stream your favorite movies with no buffering!


Connect Multiple Devices

Connect any Wi-Fi enabled device, including streaming and gaming.


Take it With You

Use our mobile Wi-Fi at home, at the office or on the go. Perfect for traveling on vacation or business trips.


Reliable Wi-Fi Service

Rural4G mobile Wi-Fi works on the fastest growing 4G LTE network. Strong LTE frequencies provide fast Wi-Fi.


No Contracts & Up To 1TB of Data Available. 

Use our mobile Wi-Fi​ at home, at the office, or on the go. Perfect for traveling on vacation or business trips.


Bad Credit? No Problem!

If you have bad credit, no problem. No credit check is required.

Get Your Plan Now

No Contracts



per month

$149 activation fee

100GB of 4G data*(may experience slower speeds after 100 GB)

  • Download Speeds Up To 10-35 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds Up To 3-20 Mbps
  • 1080 Streaming
  • No Contract



per month

$149 activation fee

250GB of 4G data*(may experience slower speeds after 250 GB)

  • Download Speeds Up To 10-35 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds Up To 3-20 Mbps
  • 1080 Streaming
  • No contracts



per month

$149 activation fee

500GB of 4G data*(may experience slower speeds after 500 GB)

  • Download Speeds Up To 10-35 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds Up To 3-20 Mbps
  • 1080 Streaming
  • No contracts



per month

$149 activation fee

1TB of 4G data*(may experience slower speeds after 1000 GB)

  • Download Speeds Up To 10-35 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds Up To 3-20 Mbps
  • 1080 Streaming
  • No contracts

* Shipping Costs will be added to all orders.
* All plans subject to availability in your area


Compare Rural4G High-Speed to Traditional Internet Service Providers

* Device types vary based upon carrier used.
The product shown above does not necessarily represent the product that is shipped.


1 x WAN Ethernet port
4 x LAN Ethernet port
1 x SIM card slot



Memory / Storage


3G / 4G

Support CAT4

4G LTE Antennas

2 x  external antennas

Wi-Fi Antennas

4x 2dBi 2.4GHz& 5.8GHz external antennas


802.11 b/g/n/ac

Wi-Fi Speed

2.4GHz(300Mbps), 5.8GHz(900Mbps)

TX Power

2.4GHz: 20dBm (11b) Max, 5.8GHz: 20dBm (11a) Max


Power / 2.4G Wi-Fi / 5.8G Wi-Fi / LAN/WAN/3G/4G


"I was initially skeptical about getting Rural4G. I've lived in rural South Texas my whole life and have had bad experiences with internet quality. Especially satellite. Rural4G has been performing beyond all expectations. My family enjoys quick downloads, zero issues with Netflix, Hulu, or Disney, and I'm able to enjoy playing online video games. Never thought we were going to be able to enjoy these things out in the middle of no where. THANK YOU RURAL4G.. Sincerely, Robert Munoz"

"When I found this I was excited and skeptical on whether it was hype or the real thing. After reading reviews on here I went for it. Received today and gave it a try without using an outside antenna. I am no longer skeptical and their customer service is very good."

Noel M
El Prado, NM

"I lived out in the country and only had access to satellite internet which was both expensive and had data caps. Rural4G was a wonderful find! It has high download speeds at a fair price. Other satellite companies simply cannot compete with this offer. "

Richard B

Keystone Heights, FL

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try us for 14 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, you’ll get your money back.

We’re so confident you’ll love your Rural4G services that our Internet service comes with a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Rural4G internet experience within the first 14 days, Rural4G will give you your money back within a 14-day window minus the shipping cost and a $50 restocking fee on the equipment. You must provide notice of disconnection prior to 14 days after receiving the equipment and send back the equipment to be eligible for a refund. If you do not agree to these terms, you can cancel the order within 24 hours for a full refund. Once we get back, the equipment refund will be processed within 3-5 days.

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