The vast majority of businesses in the world run with one thing and one thing only in mind—profit. But, even though many believe that money makes the world go round, there are actually a number of companies that dedicate some, or even the majority, of their operations toward the pursuit of social good.

This means channeling resources for the sake of benefiting as many people as possible beyond the shareholders, customers, and employees of the business. We wrote this blog to showcase some examples of companies doing social good, along with expanding on our own social activism.

Examples of Companies Doing Social Good

Many well-known brands treat doing good as a core business strategy. When reading this list of companies that are doing social good, you might be surprised at how many you’re familiar with.

  • Warby Parker – provided free eyecare to populations in need
  • Neste – providing renewable fuel for aircraft made from fast-food fryer oil
  • Beyond Good – optimizing the chocolate supply chain for farmers to earn more
  • Terracycle – reusable packaging manufacturer
  • Source – created solar panels to collect water vapor in the air to provide drinking water in areas without standard water systems

Each of these companies has become notable for its social activities while remaining highly successful and profitable—showing that social good and profitability aren’t in any way mutually exclusive.

How Rural4G is Doing Social Good

So all of this palaver about social good, how are we actually participating in benefiting the world? While many of the aforementioned companies are simply channeling their existing resources or sharing profits for the sake of positive causes, we’ve decided that we want our actual profit-making business to be the direct cause of social good.

At Rural4G, our core business model creates intrinsic social value, in bringing internet connectivity to people who may not usually be able to access it.

Connectivity in Rural Areas

Our main focus as a business is bringing internet connectivity to rural areas of the country, where it can be much harder to stay connected in a fast, reliable, and fairly priced way. In providing connectivity to these areas, we’re allowing for advancement in the local industry, education, and medicine, along with connecting the local people to the global community.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a project we’ve embarked on in collaboration with the FCC, focused on bringing realistically affordable internet connectivity to low-income households and traditionally marginalized tribal communities of Native Americans. Through this venture, qualifying participants can save between $30–$75 on their internet bill every month, allowing them some more wiggle room with other costs of living.


At Rural4G, we believe every business has a duty to create at least some social good in the world, whether through additional activities or daily operations. For more information on the work we do, visit our website today.

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